Bridging the Gap

ITUltra’s members draw upon their broad experience of having developed world class Oracle products to solve engineering and customer challenges.

ITUltra provides Officer and Director level engineering experience with the knowledge and ability to implement complicated technical solutions. ITUltra’s expertise in Siebel is a valuable asset to customers as well as Oracle engineering. Our overall experience bridges the gap between the knowledge of individual engineers and consultants. ITUltra is in a position to assist Oracle with situations that arise with the product utilizing former Siebel Architects, Engineering Directors and Product Marketing individuals. We also have vast experience outside of Siebel in developing application servers, database internal, scalable architectures, business requirements gathering, and web site development including web 2.0.

ITUltra bridges the gap between business requirements and the capabilities of existing products. A focus is placed upon improving performance scalability and usage of the current products to meet customer demand. New products are developed if the business requirements necessitate.

ITUltra’s philosophy is that there is no business requirement that is unreasonable. Drawing from a vast experience in engineering of world class software products, we provide fast and elegant solutions for business challenges.

ITUltra brings together experience from internal engineering products including:

Siebel network infrastructure Oracle database internals
Siebel test infrastructure JDBC Driver
Siebel Client caching Database text searching
Siebel Communications Application server performance tuning, including Siebel / SWE
iPlanet Application server internals including Netscape and Siebel

It is this breath of experience with world class systems that gives ITUltra a unique perspective that is difficult to find. Without this breath of experience, developing and deploying complex systems can be a challenge.

This is where ITUltra can help. We take mission critical requirements from the field and find expeditious methods for implementing solutions. These implementations range from the customer implementation to internal engineering. ITUltra’s resources bridge the gap between management, engineers, consultants, and customers.