Mobile Sales and Service Applications

A New Face for Siebel



ITUltra has been asked by Siebel to assist with its Mobile Applications. We have developed a platform than can enable any backend system to have a Mobile deployment. ITUltra’s initial focus is on Siebel and mobile application deployment.

ITUltra has identified two critical use cases for the initial release, Mobile Sales and Mobile Service. The main need for any mobile application is to make appointments. Both sales and service individuals have appointments that must be processed. What happens during these appointments is quite different, however the data needed is basically the same. Successful appointments hinge upon accurate and timely information about the account and the contact; from driving directions and phone numbers to problems and key objectives. The goal of a successful interaction is a new order in the case or a sales person, or a closed service order in the case if field service.

The application starts with the user logging into the application which synchronizes with the CRM system and downloads the appropriate information for the day. This information can span more than a one day timeframe, but the primary focus is the issues of the day. Upon receiving the data, the user is free to go about their work even if their network connection is lost. The new data such as orders will be automatically synchronized with the main server upon the mobile device being in range of a network (be it 3G / 4G or wi-fi).

Currently supported platforms include the IPhone, IPad, IPod touch, Android devices, Blackberry OS6 phones as well as any Google Chrome or Safari browser enabled devices.

For a demonstration, please contact or go to and click on the Mobile Application Demo menu item.


A typical user flow would be as follows:

1.       Login


2.       Appointment List


3.       Map Appointment


4.       View Contacts for Appointment


5.       Add Order or Close Service Order


6.       Add / Edit Order Line items